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Listed below are the companies that Pachyderm represents. Please use the link to view each company’s website to get a better idea of their product offering. Feel free to email or call us with specific questions.

For more information, click on the manufacturer's name.



Urethane and Epoxy Stops Leaks and Stabilizes Soil

By injecting urethane and epoxy into soil and substrates, you can safeguard against erosion, decay and leaking. These products are typically used in Florida for stabilizing foundations, seawalls and sinkholes, as well as stabilizing dams and headers. In the northern areas, this product is used for stabilizing sand traps on golf courses and creating environmentally friendly and drainable walking paths.


Epoxy Terrazzo and Seamless Polymer Flooring

Epoxy Terrazzo is a durable, low-maintenance product that will last the lifespan of your building. Due to its low maintenance, the cost of installation of the Epoxy Terrazzo will balance itself out in the first three years. Contact us for custom samples of this product for your next commercial project.

Choose from a variety of seamless polymer floors from epoxy with urethane topcoats, to basic epoxy, quartz and chip floors. Methyl methacrylate, urethane cement and novalac epoxies are also available.


Extruded Polystrene or XPS for Roofing Application

Owens Corning’s extruded polystyrene, or XPS, is ideal for roofing applications, including single-ply, protected roof membrane assemblies (PRMA), tapered, vegetative roofs, plaza decks, architectural metal roofing and recover roofing.

XPS, not to be confused with EPS or expanded, is often referred to as pink board and comes in various thicknesses, sizes and compressive strengths. Pink board is a closed-cell insulation, which means moisture has no way of penetrating it and therefore the strength and r-value are upheld.


Exterior Paint, Protective Coatings and Repair Products

Wol-Coat manufactures epoxy and acrylic coatings for the water and wastewater treatment industry.  Our liners are used for the protection of concrete and steel from chemicals produced or used in wastewater. Wol-Coat linings will protect in immersion, splash, and spillage conditions.